FARBOTKA.ie is the exclusive distributor of Farbotka® products in the Republic of Ireland.

Brand Farbotka was established in 2011. Born from love to fashion, original patterns and best quality Farbotka responds to women's’ highest expectations.

All the products are designed to the smallest detail and hand made with the utmost care what makes them unique.


Puro Collection was inspired by women’s constant need to change. Our products are customisable as additional parts can be bought to mix and match your either your outfit,occasion, or mood on the day.

One bag now can replace many from your closet!

Puro bags are made of a base and a flap, which is attached with a clip-closure. Changing a bag was never so easy. Thanks to simple but innovative design the flap can be replaced any time you want. This makes Puro bags perfect for every occasion!

So far in Puro collection we can find 6 different size of bags:

Puro Classic   Puro Space   Puro Grande   Puro Mini   Puro Smart   Puro Sashka

When FASHION is your PASSION Puro Bag is a must have!